Giving back

At Boobook Editing, we believe that operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way better serves our community, our business and our clients.

Boobook Editing reduces its environmental footprint by:

  • going paperless – Boobook Editing operates electronically and in the cloud, only printing the essentials
  • using a green printing company such as The Environmental Printing Company
  • reducing electricity use by turning off power when not in use, using energy-saving light globes and reducing the need for air conditioning and heating
  • stocking Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and tissues
  • recycling, composting and worm farming all of its waste
  • reducing consumption as much as possible – Boobook Editing proudly volunteers for in the Buy Nothing Project, buys secondhand and shops local
  • saying no to disposables and using reusable products instead
  • participating in Plastic Free July all year round
  • reusing and composting the coffee grounds that get its editors through the day!


Boobook Editing gives back to the community by:

  • donating part proceeds to local charities that support wildlife rescue, environmental conservation and mental health
  • empowering people in third world countries to build new lives through Kiva
  • supporting local businesses.

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